Get a Hospitality Management Certificate in 3-Months

Providing the skills to jump start your career:
Located in Richmond, our 3-month hotel management program runs every month of the year. Upon completing classroom requirements, on- the-job experience is gained via an internship at one of the city’s renowned hotels.
Our program is open to anyone with:

We Combine Rigorous In-Class
with Hands On Experience

Academic Learning

We equip our students with comprehensive management principles and industry-specific language skills for success in the multi-lingual BC hospitality market.
Among the subject areas covered in our program are:

Internship Work Placement

Through our internship work placement program, students have guaranteed rotations through different roles within a hotel environment, gaining hands-on experience.

Comprehensive Hospitality Curriculum: Your Employment Advantage

Our academic program provides students with a solid theoretical background, allowing them to better understand the complexities and nuances of the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Management Language Training

Our Hospitality Management Language Training course imparts vital industry terminology, language, and communication techniques.

Hospitality Overview

This course explores every facet of an effective organization, providing insights into current industry challenges, the honing of management skills, and the role of technology.

Housekeeping Operations

An in-depth exploration of the management of housekeeping operations, this course covers effective planning and budgeting, recruiting and training staff, and proper cleaning and sanitation for each aspect of a hotel.

Managing Front Office Operations

This comprehensive course outlines the essential procedures of a hotel’s front office operations, from reservations to check-out and evaluating ongoing staff performance.

Management Of F&B Operations

Management of F&B Operations examines the production and service of food and beverages within the hospitality industry

Guaranteed Internships: Hands On Experience To Improve Employment Opportunities

Our internship program provides students with invaluable hands-on experience, setting them up as highly marketable candidates in the hospitality industry.

Why Choose Metro Vancouver Community College

Metro Vancouver Community College is devoted to helping develop the talents of each of our students.
Reason 1: Experienced Teaching Personnel
Our instructors are seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the hospitality industry.
Reason 2: Comprehensive Education To Improve Employment Opportunities
Our hospitality management training program is designed to provide comprehensive academic and experiential learning to give students a competitive edge in the job market.
Reason 3: Learning In Small Groups
Our classes are conducted in small groups, both online and in-person, allowing for closer interaction between teachers and students.
Reason 4: Guaranteed Internship Placement
All of our students are guaranteed internship work placement opportunities where they can gain real-world experience in the hospitality industry.
Make Your Resume Shine In Front Of Employers
Gain real-world experience, increase marketability, and stand out from the competition with a Hospitality Management Certificate from Metro Vancouver Community College!
Reason 1:
Real-World Experience
With critical real-world experience in a professional hotel setting, our students are prepared to hit the ground running from Day One.
Reason 2:
Insider Knowledge
Our students’ internship placements equip them with working relationships with industry professionals to help enrich their knowledge base.
Reason 3:
Government Certified Education
Our program is recognized by the BC government and employers, ensuring that the skills acquired directly apply to the job market.

Course Timeline

Register for Your Program in the Month of Your Choosing

Every month, classes open up, allowing you to register then begin your studies whenever works best for your schedule.

3 Months In-Class Learning

Our 3-month block of courses is held in small groups, both online and in person.

Months In-Hotel Internship Placement

Every month, classes open up, allowing you to register then begin your studies whenever works best for your schedule.

Graduate & Start Working!

With your diploma in hand, you can leverage the strengths of your credentials and resume to search for desirable full-time employment opportunities.

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